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With the experience gained over one decades, Horizonfirm has technical understanding of renewable energy technologies, projects and markets. Dedicated to serving the IPP and worldwide players of solar PV market, it offers technical consulting services for the identification and development of solar power projects. Horizonfirm also assist customers in identifyng italian lenders for the financing of projects and operates as technical advisor on solar energy systems financing. Horizonfirm operates at a scale and depth that is appropriate for the future development of the world’s fastest market of grip parity solar electricity generation.

Horizonfirm boast a strongly skilled management and technical team. We collaborates with the University of Palermo and the University of Enna on R&D projects. At the University of Palermo, we also have in care the teaching moduls focused on designing, permitting, building, financing and asset management of PV and CSP power plants inside the following courses: – solar energy systems – renewable energy sources – electricity generation from RES Our reason for existing is to harness our skills and experience to develop projects with strong value propositions for our clients.